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Frictionless self-checkout Store powered by AI

A revolutionary retail solution that provides an easy and quick shopping experience for customers

Experience the Frictionless Checkout with Knapcart

Knapcart uses computer vision to identify products and contactless payments for quick checkout, allowing cashiers to improving the store operations.


Knapcart is a smart, simple and intelligent AI product that optimizes the checkout time for retail customers

The ultimate shopping experience for customers

Eliminate the need for waiting in long queues
Alerts for unintended purchases
Rich in-store experience with faster checkouts
Reliable and precise data for efficient analytics

Knapcart’s Unique Features

  • Multiple items identified in just a few seconds
  • Minimal infrastructure and flexible implementation models
  • Experiences are personalized by creating a profile on the mobile app
  • No bar code required for product scanning
  • TagSquare is used for quick auto-annotations and higher accuracy.
  • Multiple contactless payment methods
  • Completely edge-based solution
Why Choose Knapcart?

Attain high accuracy for product identification with auto-annotation tool TagSquare

Reduce operational costs and increase staff productivity

Redeploy labor to support higher-value tasks

Cost efficient implementation