About Digit7

A global company, HQ'd in Texas, the USA.

We are architects of innovative digital solutions for business owners, enabling them to gain a competitive edge in their digital transformation journey.

Our next-gen solutions are based on significant emerging technologies such as AI/ML, AR/VR, Drone Robotics, and IoT/5G.

Our primary focus is to offer customizable and scalable solutions essential to staying ahead of ever-changing industry trends and competition. In addition, we are keen on providing a long-term technology revolution for companies and industries of varied volume.

Digit7 is a team of global accredited technoids; we help our clients implement effective emerging technology-based solutions while navigating the digital future.

Digit7 Nomenclature:

The digit 7 signifies completeness and perfection.

According to nuclear physics, there are seven nucleon numbers in a complete shell of an atomic nucleus. The ocean waves roll in sevens, the rainbow has seven colors, the sound has seven notes, and many more specialties revolve around it.

Most importantly, seven is linked with creation, and that’s what we are passionate about.

Powered by innovation, we can make your business a success while leaving your competition behind.

We bring an innovative product thinking perspective grounded in building world-class products and transforming businesses using modern platforms and technical capabilities.

We hold extensive expertise in digital transformation, partnering with businesses worldwide. We ensure that enterprises can transition from the traditional to the digital or improve their business processes by including a digital element in the products and processes.

We focus on bettering the quality of life of people with a suite of advanced tech solutions, generating more revenue for enterprises, and improving operational efficiency.

Digit7 Journey


No thriving business was built overnight—all involved taking some pivotal steps, analyzing various measures, and crunching on numbers.

The transformative idea was to make technology accessible to all. As a result of unwavering zeal and methodical approach, the one-of-its-kind disruptive innovation hub, Digit7 emerged.

Digit, short for Digital, and 7 symbolizes impeccability and completeness. Digit7 represents Digital Perfection.

Several technology experts came on board to solve client-end needs in specific industry segments, including retail, telecommunications, banking, etc.


The thirst for innovation and technology skyrocketed and led to real progress. In 2021, a 15,000sq ft hi-tech innovation lab was set up in Richardson, Texas.

The main focus was to bring in futuristic advanced technologies that can cater to the needs of small and mid-sized ventures. Digit7 spreads its wings towards globalization and the expansion of innovative technologies.


Distinctive products were developed with an expert team of IT professionals, data scientists, and a passion for technology pooled together. We started transforming the bubbling innovative ideas into products. As a result,

• The smart cashier-less checkout-free store, D-Grab, a revolutionary flagship product, offers a simplified and automated cashier-less shopping experience.

• The Ai-based auto annotation platform, TagSquare, was built with a synthetic image data generator that reduces manual hours by 80%.

• The warehouse inventory managing smart drone solution, the GlideRobo, operates in a GPS void environment with indoor navigation.

• IoT Edge-based shelves, the DigitShelves, detects product movement, and handles overall inventory management.


Companies today are focused on innovation. Many have restructured so that ideas can move ahead faster and with less internal friction. We believe in offering cost-optimized technology and innovation that is the best fit for businesses to thrive.

We invent and create a seamless journey towards digital transformation.

In 2022, Digit7 became an independent, innovative tech startup company. This is the story of the humble journey that began towards the vision of disruptive innovation.

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To make emerging and disruptive technology solutions accessible to all

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Expanding innovation footprints to multiple domains with Ai-based automation, and inventing scalable solutions.

What We Offer?

Breakthrough technology solutions | Business-oriented customization | Cost-effective solutions

Plug & play solutions that are state-of-the-art and backed by the best minds


Experience the real-tech offering


Wide range of solutions for various industries


Symbiotic integration of solutions


Continued expert support post-deployment
Creating unique customer experiences & value-driven solutions

The tech space is filled with a whole gamut of advanced technologies and innovative products. But is a well-known fact that what looks too good on paper may be tough to translate into real-world solutions. We offer superior solutions and pride ourselves on transparency.

Our solutions are designed to solve real-time problems and are customizable to suit your business. Adding to that, our products can scale up as your business grows with ease.

And yes, we work out the best pricing plans in the industry, you bet!


In 2019, Digit7 was established as part of the Infovision’s innovation arm to help create prototypes quickly. Our research and development efforts were concerted into a well-defined shape under the NxtGEN iLab title, later renamed as Digit7 Innovation Lab. The facility was HQ'd in Richardson, TX, to nurture revolutionary products - The Smart Express Store D-Grab, DigitShelves, TagSquare & GlideRobo.

Independent R&D centre

In 2021, Digit7 became an independent entity with a 15,000 square-foot R&D set up in Richardson. The innovation lab became fertile ground for our specialized practices around various emerging technologies. A team of domain experts and technology professionals work on a series of products and accelerators based on emerging technologies, including Augmented Reality, IoT, Computer Vision, AI/ML, big data analytics, virtual reality, RPA, Edge Computing, as well as LIDAR, and drones.

"Innovation lab eliminates the silos that restrict innovation and enables us to draw from our transformations across industries, technologies, and verticals," says Chithrai Mani.

Digit7 Innovation lab comes equipped with products and accelerators that tackle challenges and foster transformation through innovation and automation to reimagine customers' buying journeys, streamline operations, automate processes, and reinvent revenue streams.



PAUSE, SEE the business opportunity, CREATE a
purposeful path using the right tech solution, and
SUSTAIN position
About our CEO

Chithrai Mani is a leading Business Transformation Expert in leading-edge technologies. A natural leader having led Fortune 500 companies in designing and implementing digital transformation strategies.

Chithrai Mani founded the NxtGEN iLab, a research and innovation center within InfoVision, in Texas. He leads the ideation, innovation, and development of breakthrough solutions capable of addressing the needs of the industrial sector, with emerging technologies such as AI, ML, LIDAR, Smart Drone, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Computer Vision, IoT Edge, et al.

He has extensive cross-industry domain experience in digital strategy, planning, and business alignment, which makes him a highly sought-after expert in the technology and innovation community. He has been inducted into various industry organizations, such as the Forbes Technology Council and the Computing Technology Industry Association’s AI Advisory Council.

Previously, he was the Chief Technology and Innovation officer at InfoVision. He has worked for Infosys, iLink Systems, and others, in addition to co-founding A2i Technology Solutions.

Our Board of Directors
Sean Yalamanchi
Dr. Keshab Panda
Raman Kovelamudi
Chithrai Mani
Sean Yalamanchi

Sean is the co-founder, President of InfoVision, and Member of the Board. He also co-founded and is the President of Visual Collaboration Technologies, Detroit. He holds years of experience in strategic alliances, managing global sourcing, and business development. He has also been recognized for his leadership and execution. He has led Infovision to gather several accolades like Dallas Top 100 companies and Inc.500.

Sean is passionate about philanthropy and entrepreneurship, and he encourages his team to push boundaries and serve their local communities. He also volunteers his time to sit on the Board of Directors of Tech Titans, an organization that focuses on technology for North Texas.

He holds a Master of Science in computational mechanics from South Dakota School of Mines & Technology and a Master of Science in engineering degree from Bharathiar University, India.

Raman Kovelamudi

Raman is the co-founder of InfoVision Inc and Visual Collaboration Technologies, Detroit. His expertise in telecommunications, growth strategy, leadership, operations management, and software design and development is extensive. He holds a Master of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington in Computer Science Engineering.

Among his many credentials, he holds management certifications from Wharton School of Management (Mergers & Acquisitions), Kellogg's School of Management (Accelerating Sales Force Performance & Lean Six Sigma operations), and Dale Carnegie (Leadership)

Raman worked for reputed companies for years as a structural and software engineer. Since the inception of InfoVision, He has successfully established ten global offices and centers of excellence.

Dr Keshab Panda

Dr. Panda is on the Board of Directors of Digit7 and InfoVision. He brings a wide range of experience and expertise, including leadership, research, innovation, and mentoring.

Previously, he was the CEO and managing director of L&T Technology Services, a leading IT services company. He was also designated the CEO of the Year by CNBC Awaaz. He was also the recipient of multiple other awards, including the CEO of the Year award from the ET NOW Network and the Business Leader of The Year awards Committee.

He earned his undergraduate in aeronautical engineering from Anna University, Chennai, and a post-graduate degree from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore. He received a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Aero Servo Elasticity from the Indian Institute Of Technology, Bombay. He also holds a Master's degree in management at the Aresty Institute of Executive Education from the Wharton School.